Who We Are

RCMP-SCN-GDPP-53The Mounted Police Members’ Legal Fund (Legal Fund) is a non-profit corporation promoting the improvement of member conditions of employment or work by providing funds to take:

a. action to bring a resolution of issues between members of The Mounted Police Members’ Legal Fund and the Government of Canada;

b. actions taken collectively or individually with respect to matters which affect the dignity or welfare of a member or members of the Legal Fund which are not funded under benefit programs, including any Treasury Board policies and directives or any RCMP policies and directives, in effect by the RCMP or the Government of Canada for the benefit of members of the RCMP; and,

c. researching, investigating, exploring, analyzing, examining, collecting of information or data and hiring outside counsel or organizations to do any of the foregoing in respect of issues described in (a) or (b) above.

The monies in the Fund come from payroll deductions from the members.


There are some untruths and inaccuracies in circulation and the Mounted Police Members Legal Fund (MPMLF) desires that you know the truth and facts.

We want to remind members that the MPMLF is not affiliated with the RCMP in any way. The MPMLF is a not-for-profit Corporation funded entirely from contributions from you – our approximately 17,000 members at present. The MPMLF has supported and funded a large number of legal claims against the RCMP by its members, and will continue to do so in the future. We are not the RCMPs Legal Fund: we are here for you, the members.

When your application is approved for legal assistance by the MPMLF, there is NO cap on the amount that may be expended. You don’t have to worry that part way through legal proceedings, the cap has been reached and you are then responsible for legal fees and other costs. For those who have been exposed to legal proceedings, you know that more often than not, $100,000.00 is insufficient to cover the legal bills. The MPMLF has direct knowledge of these costs because it pays the bills for the various actions taken.

There is no restriction on the number of applications that you may make to the MPMLF in any year period.

Are you guaranteed legal coverage by the MPMLF? Yes, applications that are approved are guaranteed by the MPMLF, who assume all risks, including possible court ordered costs, rather than you the member. There is no danger that you will not receive coverage because we will run out of resources. The MPMLF is sustainable and will be there for you when you need it. Members working for members. By the way, there is no fine print to mislead you either.