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Board of Directors

HQ-REF695The Legal Fund is administered by a Board of Directors who manage the affairs of the Fund in accordance with the By-laws.

A five (5) person Executive Committee, consisting of a Chairperson, a Vice-Chair and three (3) Members (elected from among the Directors) manage the daily affairs of the Legal Fund, exercising all powers and authority.

The Committee is supported by a Secretary/Treasurer and an Assistant Secretary/Treasurer.

The Legal Fund Directors encourage members to contact them for additional information on the Fund or with any questions they might have.
(list valid until elections at meeting scheduled for Fall 2018 - Some of the Directors shown are Directors-at-large, and while currently posted in a particular Division, are available to carry out duties in Divisions that do not have Directors}.

Division Directors-at-Large: James Woodrow; Francis McLaughlin; John Kent

"B" Division - Jim Clifford

"C" Division Director: Pierre Proulx

"D" Division Director: Bobby Baker

"E" Division Directors: Trevor Dinwoodie; Scott LaChapelle; Robert Farrer; Tom Almasi; Spencer Horni; Brad Szewczok "E" Division Directors-at-Large: Anthony Muench; Brian O'Callaghan; Brandon Buliziuk; Mandeep Atwal

"F" Division Directors: Rodney Ens; Trevor Ellis; Morgan Buckingham; Colin Hay

"H" Division Director: Bob Burton

"K" Division Directors: Darryl Urano, Michelle Boutin; Jeff McGowan; Bill Laidlaw; Ray Savage; Doug Wasylenki

"M "Division Director: Gerry Ell; Jesse Gilbert

"N" & "S Division Director: Marc L'Abbe

"O" Division Director: Tim Pettit

"T" Division Director: Colin Hay

"V" Division Director: Dan Martin

Chairperson of the Executive Committee: Trevor Dinwoodie

Vice Chair: Robert Farrer

Members: Michelle Boutin; Jeff McGowan; Tom Almasi

Secretary/Treasurer; Kevin MacDougall
By Mail: Mounted Police Members' Legal Fund
17 Bens Brae
Antigonish, NS
B2G 2X3
By Email: [email protected]

Asst. Secretary/Treasurer: Roy Hill
By Mail: 61 Almond Crescent
St John's, NFLD
A1H 1A7
By Email :[email protected]