Board of Directors

HQ-REF695The Legal Fund is administered by a Board of Directors who manage the affairs of the Fund in accordance with the Bylaws

A five (5) person Executive Committee, consisting of a Chairperson, a Vice-Chair and three Members (elected from among the Directors) manage the daily affairs of the Legal Fund, exercising all powers and authority. The Committee is assisted by a Secretary-Treasurer

The Legal Fund Directors and the other SRRs encourage members to contact them for additional information on the Fund or with any questions they might have.

The Committee is assisted by a Secretary/Treasurer and a Assistant Secretary/Treasurer.

(List valid until replacement at meeting scheduled for Fall 2017)

  • Boyd Merrill – B Division (Newfoundland)
  • Jim Clifford – B Division (Newfoundland)

  • Pierre Proulx – C Division (Quebec)

  • Scott Bird – D Division (Manitoba)
  • Bobby Baker – D Division (Manitoba)


  • Metro Yakiwchuk – E Division (British Columbia)
  • Scott LaChapelle – E Division (British Columbia)
  • Trevor Dinwoodie – E Division (British Columbia)
  • Robert Farrer – E Division (British Columbia)
  • William Casault – E Division (British Columbia)
  • Tom Almasi – E Division (British Columbia)
  • Brad Szewczok – E Division (British Columbia)

  • Rodney Ens – F Division (Saskatchewan)
  • Trevor Ellis – F Division (Saskatchewan)

  • Jesse Gilbert – G Division (N.W.T.)

  • Bob Burton – H Division (Nova Scotia)
  • Dan McNaughton – H Division (Nova Scotia)

  • Ian Grasman – J Division (New Brunswick)
  • Scott Grover – J Division (New Brunswick)

  • Jeff McGowan – K Division (Alberta)
  • Peter Melanson – K Division (Alberta)
  • Mike Harvey – K Division (Alberta)
  • Michelle Boutin – K Division (Alberta)

  • Barry Russell – L Division (P.E.I.)

  • Gerry Ell – M Division (Yukon Terr.)

  • Kent Swim – N & S Divisions (Ottawa)
  • Helen Meinzinger – N & S Divisions (Ottawa)
  • Marc L’Abbe – N & S Divisions (Ottawa)

  • Tim Pettit – O Division (Ontario)

  • Dan Martin – V Division (Nunavut Terr.)

Chairperson Trevor Dinwoodie – “E” Division
Vice-Chair Scott Bird – “D” Division

Directors on Executive Committee
Metro Yakiwchuk “E” Division / Michelle Boutin “K” Division / Jeff McGowan “K” Division

Secretary-Treasurer A. Gordon Clarke

BY MAIL: Mounted Police Members’ Legal Fund
149 Canterbury Lane
Fall River, Nova Scotia
B2T 1T1
BY FAX: 1-902-861-2107
BY E-MAIL: [email protected]

Asst. Secty/Treasurer Roy Hill

BY MAIL: Roy Hill
61 Almond Crescent,
St. John’s, NFLD
A1H 1A7
BY FAX: 1-902-861-2107
BY E-MAIL: [email protected]