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Canadians Don’t Want the Mounties Unionized

In our Fall 2007 Newsletter we reported that there was a need to increase Membership Dues from $2.00 per pay to $4.00 per pay. The increase was approved by our Board of Directors at the Annual Meeting in September 2007. Implementation took place in November 2008.

The Mounted Police Members’ Legal Fund working for all regular and civilian members of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

Ottawa, June 8, 2010 – A poll of Canadians conducted for the Mounted Police Members’ Legal Fund found that a clear majority of Canadians across the country recognize the unique role of our national police force and believe a union is not necessary.

The survey by Nanos Research asked 1008 Canadians whether or not the RCMP should be unionized like other police forces in Canada. Results found that 56.7 per cent of Canadians believed it was acceptable for the RCMP not to be unionized – with a clear majority in every region of the country.
"It’s evident from the numbers that Canadians think they are well served by the current system," said Staff Sargeant Murray Brown, Chairman of Mounted Police Members’ Legal Fund. "They don’t believe that the RCMP will be improved by the introduction of a union – nor do they see any immediate benefit for their communities."

The poll broke the results down by political party affiliation and found a significant amount of agreement. The idea that the RCMP should remain non-unionized had the support of 62.1 per cent of Conservatives and 61.2 per cent of Liberals. The Greens (68.2%) and the Bloc Québécois (54.8) also agreed. Even 45.3 per cent of NDP supporters felt it was acceptable for the RCMP not to have a union.
Canadians also showed a high level of awareness when it came to the various services provided by the RCMP

· 74.4% knew that the RCMP provides all levels of policing including – in many areas – municipal, provincial and federal;

· 78.5% were aware that the RCMP protects the Parliament of Canada, the Prime Minister and foreign dignitaries;

· 80.4% understood that the Force does international cross-border policing including drug trafficking, counterfeiting and contraband; and,

· 62.4% were aware that members of the RCMP served as international peacekeepers.
"RCMP regular and civilian members would much rather be focusing their efforts on improving public safety, rather than worrying about the federal government imposing a union on them," concluded Staff Sgt. Brown. "Our members want to get their man not their manifesto."

The random telephone survey by Nanos Research was conducted with 1,008 Canadians between May 29th and June 3rd, 2010 and has a margin of accuracy of 3.1 percentage points, plus or minus, 19 times out of 20.

For more information, please contact:
Staff Sgt. Murray Brown
Chairman, Mounted Police Members’ Legal Fund
(902) 497-5808
[email protected]
Nik Nanos
President and CEO, Nanos Research
(613) 234-4666 x 237
[email protected]

For complete poll results visit:

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