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Chairman’s Message – June 20, 2016

Dear Members:

This communique is the follow up to the bulletin issued to all members of the Force on Feb 18, 2016 by the Commissioner advising that he was repealing the Agreement with The Mounted Police Members’ Legal Fund (LF) on pay roll deductions effective March 30, 2016. The Commissioner advised you that you could expect correspondence from the LF. This is the correspondence he referenced.

If you are currently, or were, a member of the (LF) and you did not voluntarily withdraw from the LF on your own accord, then you are still a member in good standing and enjoy the LF protection. If you would like to join the LF for the first time, we welcome you as well. As of March 30, 2016 there were approx. 16,500 members voluntarily in the LF.

This was a long standing agreement dating back to Commissioner MURRAY and later supported by Commissioner’s ZACCARDELLI & ELLIOTT. Unfortunately, all efforts and avenues to resolve this very important issue were unsuccessful.

Today, I am pleased to announce that after much confusion and problem solving, the LF is now able to continue providing legal support, protection and assistance for all LF members as they have enjoyed for the past 19 years.

Over the past few months we have not stopped accepting requests for assistance. In addition, we have been in active communication with our law firm to provide amendments to our Bylaws and we have developed a secure website with an ecommerce/payment solution. I encourage you and all members of the RCMP to log into and re-enroll in our Fund at

The re-enrollment process is very simple and will ensure your membership does not lapse. We are offering three different options for payment. You will have these options: recurrent every 4 weeks at $8.00; 6 months at $52.00; or annually at $99.00. As you know, your membership fees are tax deductible. Please complete all the fields listed on the Join Now page in order to complete your new membership registration. Once you complete the registration fields you will select the “Complete your Payment” link in the blue bar in order to add your recurring payment method. You can select the Contact link in the main navigation if you have any issues completing your registration.

To ensure a robust Legal Fund and continuous coverage we must complete the re-enrollment process in a timely manner. Taking into consideration summer holidays, hectic work and family life schedules, we believe we have set a reasonable timeline to complete the process. We request that all fund members re-enroll by August 01, 2016. It is very important that you please provide a personal email address for future newsletters and communications. Your cooperation in meeting our timeline is greatly appreciated. JOIN NOW

Thank you and best regards,

Trevor Dinwoodie

Chair – The Mounted Police Members’ Legal Fund Executive

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