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Could This Happen To You?

5 members of a Detachment all had dealings with a husband and wife over a period of time and were subject to public complaints by the couple. All complaints were investigated and all determined to be unfounded. There was even a review by the Commission of Public Complaints. All complaints were dismissed. The couple continued with their vendetta against the members by posting a video talking about the complaints they had against the members. The video was removed after complaint, however a second video was posted on YouTube by the couple alleging a myriad of criminal offenses against the members.

The members turned to the Legal Fund for assistance and funding to pursue a defamation action against the couple. The Legal Fund agreed. A judgment was rendered in 2014 against the couple. The judge ordered a permanent injunction prohibiting and restraining the couple from publishing any words defamatory to the members. The judge also awarded general damages in the amount of $25,000.00 ($5,000.00 for each member) and aggravated damages of $2,000.00 for each member. There was a finding that the defamatory statements were insulting, spiteful, and malicious, and that they resulted in mental distress, humiliation, indignation, anxiety, grief and mental anguish for the members.

The couple subsequently appealed the decision, however a recent ruling (Feb. 2015) by the appeal court dismissed their appeal.

No member or family members should have to endure such behavior as highlighted in this case. There is a remedy and it is through the courts. We trust that you have the coverage by being a member of the Mounted Police Members’ Legal Fund.